Main Features

Carpe Lucem challenges and entertains players by transferring classical 2D puzzles into the virtual space. They learn new fascinating aspects quickly. Now puzzle elements can be moved literally in the third dimension. But not only that: They can also be arranged 360 degrees all around the player. Sounds simple but it creates a whole new way of interacting and playing mind teasing puzzle games and it is indeed a perfect introduction to Virtual Reality.

  • Three mystical worlds await discovery
  • Adaptive soundtrack
  • Optimized VR engine delivers 90 FPS per eye, avoiding any symptoms of motion sickness
  • Can be played standing or sitting down
  • Works with Oculus DK2/Rift, HTC Vive and Sony Morpheus/Playstation VR.
  • Full 360 degree view tracked by headset.
  • Supports regular game controllers as well as Oculus Touch, Sony Move and Steam VR Controllers.
  • Perfect for Room Scale VR.
  • Target platforms: Windows PC, Playstation 4
  • Includes level editor to create your own puzzles, use your headset to create and edit in actual VR. Touch controller required for the level editor.


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